"Ultimate Sales Funnel" Template...(for ClickFunnels)
This Template Includes 9 Pages...
  •  Opt-in Page with Video
  •  Opt-in Page  (Split Test Page)
  •  Long Form Sales Page
  •  Order Form Page
  •  Upsell Page (OTO)
  •  Order Confirmation Page
  •  Order Thank You Page
  •  Affiliate Access Page
  •  Affiliate Area Page
What Is The "Ultimate Sales Funnel" Template?
This is a sales funnel template designed to work specifically with Click Funnels. It includes all the pages listed below, you just need to edit the copy, images and videos for your company. 

We call this the Ultimate Sales Funnel because it's designed to take potential prospects through different stages and segment them accordingly. It will help you get Qualified Subscribers, Qualified Buyers, and most importantly, determine your Hot Buyers. It's the funnel we personally use for all our front end products. Here are the three stages of this funnel...
The First Stage Of This Funnel
Is to get potential prospects to subscribe to your list for your free offer, which will make them a "Qualified Subscriber." If this is all they do in your funnel, they are now on your list and you can follow up via email to provide value and send them back to your sales pages.
The Second Stage Of This Funnel
Is for the new Qualified Subscriber to purchase your product on the sales page, which would then make them a "Qualified Buyer." You would have a lower priced product on the sales page and maybe have a bump offer on the order page and this will help offset your advertising cost. Now you have someone that is a Qualified Buyer.... and once a buyer, always a buyer!
The Third Stage Of This Funnel
Is to identify your "Hot Buyers." We do this with the Upsell Page (OTO). If they buy your original offer on your sales page, and then say yes to your OTO offer... then you've just gained a Hot Buyer.
Why This Method Is Important
With this method, you just segmented your list and can create action follow up funnels for each group with different emails, texts, voice calls, etc. This will help automate your sales process and help you know where and who to focus your time on.

As a BONUS, I decided to include affiliate pages you can use if you're looking to have JV partners promote your products. NOTE: You will need "Backpack" in your ClickFunnels account for the affiliate pages to work.
What Comes In The "Ultimate Sales Funnel" Template?
Includes 9 pages designed to take your leads through each stage, and have them segment themselves.
Optin Page with Video
This is the main opt-in page which contains a video, a benefits area, testimonial area, and pop-up opt-in. This is the page that determines your "Qualified Subscribers". (CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ENTIRE PAGE)
Optin Page without Video (Split Test Page)
This is the split test opt-in page which contains a benefits area, testimonial area, and pop-up opt-in. This is the page that determines your "Qualified Subscribers". (CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ENTIRE PAGE)
Long Form Sales Page
This is a long form sales page with benefits area, 7 features area, testimonials area, pricing area, FAQ area, and navigation to features, pricing & order page. (CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ENTIRE PAGE)
Order Form Page
This is a nice and clean 2 step order form, which step 2 has a bump offer available if needed (it's a great way to offset your ad spend). Having a 2 step order form is great for cart abandonment, if the customer fills out step 1, then never enters their credit card info in step 2, you can create a follow up sequence that would encourage them to go back and complete their purchase. This is the page that determines your "Qualified Buyers". (CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ENTIRE PAGE)
Upsell Page (OTO)
This is the page seen immediately after they click submit on the order page. It's the Upsell page (also known as OTO), and usually will be a product or service that's priced higher than original offers and helps them achieve results faster or easier. It has a video area where you can explain your offer and they can add this one-time-offer with the click of a button. This is the page that determines your "Hot Buyers" (CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ENTIRE PAGE)
Order Confirmation Page
This is the page the customers will access their purchases after they click "Yes" or "No" on the upsell page. There will be links to each of the products they purchased as well as the price they paid for each. (CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ENTIRE PAGE)
Order Thank You Page
This is the page customers will download their product they just purchased. When they click on the "Access Product" link on the Order Confirmation page, they will be taken to this page. You can duplicate this page for each product in your funnel, that way they only get access to what they purchased. (CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ENTIRE PAGE)
Affiliate Access Page
As a bonus, I included the affiliate pages if you want to have affiliates help promote your products. This is the access page where your JV partners would sign up for your affiliate program. This page will only be useful if you're using Backpack in Click Funnels. (CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ENTIRE PAGE)
Affiliate Area Page
This is the affiliate area where your JV partners would access their specific links to promote your products. You could also have your banner images and email copy here. This page will only be useful if you're using Backpack in Click Funnels. (CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE ENTIRE PAGE)
Instructional Videos Are Also Included To Show You How To Customize Your Funnel
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Frequently Asked Questions
QUESTION: What is a funnel template?
ANSWER: Funnel templates are a series of predesigned web pages that  you can simple click on a link and have all the pages uploaded to your ClickFunnel account.
QUESTION: Can I use this template on any platform?
ANSWER: No, this template is specifically designed to work on ClickFunnels. If you don't have a ClickFunnels account you can get a FREE 14 Day Trial
QUESTION: How long will it be to get access?
ANSWER: Immediate.

After your order is complete, you'll receive an email with login details to our members area where you can access your download link. All of your products, courses, and funnels will always be accessible in this members area.
QUESTION: Is there a guarantee?
ANSWER: YES…all our trainings have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

You either love it or you get your money back. It’s that simple!
QUESTION: Can I reuse any images/videos inside this funnel?
ANSWER: Yes. But we'd hope that you would be using your own content considering this site is about your work, not ours. But you are free to use anything in this site if you choose to do so, as all images are created by us or are images we got through the ClickFunnels image area.
QUESTION: Is there any custom CSS or HTML/JavaScript in the funnel?
ANSWER: No. There isn't any custom tracking codes, just the standard code created by ClickFunnels on the "Order Confirmation" page.
QUESTION: What will I have to change in the funnel to make it work for me?
- Setup your SEO on each page.
- Add footer links and address information to each page.
- Swap out logos, photos, videos and copywriting with your own.
- Add your integrations (email and payment gateway).
- Add your product/service to the Order form and OTO pages.
- Add links to the buttons on the bottom of your "Order Confirmation" page
- Add links to the buttons on your "Order Thank You" pages for your products and other buttons you'd like to use.
- Add any automation to any funnel steps, or add action funnels if you have Actionetics.
- If using Backpack, set up all affiliate info in Backpack as well as on your 2 Affiliate pages. See training tutorials in Click Funnels help area.
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